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Brad Ostendorf Discusses Creative Ideas for Small Scale Home Remodeling

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Brad Ostendorf is an avid DIY'er who enjoys working on renovation projects around his home. In the following article, Brad Ostendorf talks more on creative ideas for small, manageable projects just about anyone can tackle.

Remodeling a home is one of the best ways to increase its value. Not only that, but it gives a lived-in space an updated, more vibrant feeling more often than not. However, it can be hard to decide on a remodeling strategy.

Small scale home remodeling can be done using creative ideas like opening up the floor plan, building in storage, or adding interesting room features. Some of these features could include a loft, or relocating necessities like sinks, tubs or workspaces. These are relatively inexpensive ways to give a cramped home a more updated, airy vibe.

Brad Ostendorf walks readers through his top three creative ideas for small scale home remodeling. By the conclusion, any would-be renovator should not only have a variety of ideas to choose from, but should feel more confident in the benefits of remodeling a small scale home in the first place!

Visually Interesting and Creative Ideas

Brad Ostendorf says that renovating is, as mentioned above, one of the best ways to get the most out of a home, big or small. However, if the home needs overhauls on a smaller scale, it can feel tricky to come up with some ideas on your own. Between making tough decisions, like cost versus benefits, this becomes more and more difficult.

All three of the following categories may already be working their way into a home-remodeler's imagination for their living space. However, Brad Ostendorf discusses more details for each to see how useful all can be and gives an even more specific set of ideas.

Open Up a Floor Plan

Brad Ostendorf says that opening up the floor plan of any home is a great way to give it an updated feel. It turns everything from a living room to a kitchen into a more free, easy space. Besides, opening up the floor plan actually provides more surface area for new storage or feature ideas, too!

One of the best benefits to an open space is that it will make even a tiny room feel much larger. People can do this in small ways, too; try a hallway, or even an entryway. Taking down just one wall can transform an entryway from a small, dark, slightly cramped space to a new-fashioned and breezy space.

Not only that, but Brad Ostendorf explains that natural light and more room to move combined make a home feel bright, airy, and luxurious.

Add Interesting Room Features

What will a home renovator do with all the space made available by taking down walls? Certainly not waste it! The best thing to do is add in a few interesting features to add intrigue and make the unique. Brad Ostendorf says that this is especially true if the home is soon to be put on the market.

Some creative choices might be to add a unique sink, such as a pedestal or fancy glass sink. A half-bath can be made to look chic, modern, and more roomy with the use of a smaller pedestal sink.

Additionally, Brad Ostendorf says that a large, open room, or even a master bedroom, can be made to look that much more intriguing visually with the use of a bedroom loft. This way, all that wall space is converted into a whole new area of interest.

Brad OstendorfGet Creative with Storage Space

Finally, Brad Ostendorf says that no home can never come with too much storage. Some of the best ways to hide awkward corners or utilize room is by converting it into a set of built-in shelves or drawers.

Some popular favorites include taking an area under the stairway and building in a set of roll-out shelves, or, again, using a loft-type area near the ceiling to make more use of the space. Others choose to add a mini-desk or work area in an unused space, such as the stairs, or awkward corner.

In Conclusion

There are many creative ideas for small scale home remodeling that can be easily employed. Simply take a look at the available area and consider whether or not even more space can be freed up by removing a wall and opening the floor plan. Turn any awkward areas into storage space, and add in more interesting features for maximum appeal!






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