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Nicholas Lichter on Conflict Resolution and Mediation within Community Associations

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Nicholas Lichter of Naples, FL works as a community association manager managing condo units and homeowners' associations. In the following article, Nicolas Lichter discusses the vital role that Community Association Managers (CAMs) play in maintaining the equilibrium of communities, ensuring they remain vibrant and cohesive spaces for all residents to call home.

Beyond understanding the legal aspects of HOA agreements, and scheduling building maintenance, community association managers, otherwise known as residential property managers, are tasked with the rather arduous duty of guaranteeing harmony within communities. Passionate professionals consider this their greatest responsibility of all.

Nicholas Lichter of Naples, FL says that whether it's the simple act of maintaining open communication or understanding the ins and outs of alternative dispute resolution, community association managers must be capable of employing a vast array of techniques to ensure an easy life for community residents.

Nicholas Lichter Explains Why the Human Element of Property Management Can't Be Ignored

While their job title isn't "people manager," humans are ultimately at the core of the residential property manager's business. As soon as a new homeowner moves in, these experts have their business-with-a-touch-of-empathy caps on.

Ultimately, humans are still just that humans. Even the nicest individuals have been known to grow irate when living in relatively close quarters to others. Nicholas Lichter of Naples, FL explains that regardless of how great the community may be, every resident is bound to experience disagreements at some point or another.

But, regardless of specifics, how these disagreements are handled is what really makes the difference.

Skillful Residential Property Managers Prove Essential to Keeping Communities Harmonious

Those well-established in the CAM business understand the imperativeness of fixing issues quickly before they can skyrocket into major disputes that disrupt the residence's peace and damage HOA & community connections.

With that said, Nicholas Lichter clarifies that it isn't simply about addressing complaints. Instead, the best managers are proactive in their approaches, working to prevent disagreements from ever occurring in the first place. The technique lies in developing an understanding of residents' needs, desires, and expectations to avoid misunderstandings that may snowball into far more serious situations.

Resolution and Mediation Techniques Utilized by Community Association Managers

Nicholas Lichter of Naples, FL says that to achieve consistent harmonious living across their residential communities, property managers can use a myriad of practiced resolution and mediation strategies, such as:

Establishing Common Rules

Many superficial gripes can be mostly avoided if neighbors get to know each other socially. It's well-documented that those who know their neighbors are likely to be more forgiving in the case of low-level frustrations. Couple that with the fact that residents will be able to deal with most situations on their own, and it's a dream come true for many property managers.

Nicholas Lichter of Naples, FL says that, naturally, achieving this mammoth feat is easier said than done.

Community association professionals should host regular social events and ensure there are plenty of activities for community members to do together. Likewise, promoting the idea of a "community" on all communications works to really drive the message home.

Some experts mention they establish and remind residents of the common rules while conducting community efforts to effectively manage expectations and impede the chances of potential conflicts or provide a published framework for any time a dispute arises.

Nicholas Lichter of Naples, FLRecording and Communicating

Nicholas Lichter of Naples, FL notes that most conflicts start due to one party believing they're owed something from the other person/entity. A straightforward but beneficial way property managers can deal with this is to simply record and communicate the facts as they present themselves.

Once both sides understand the facts of the matter, CAMs will then mediate, helping each party stay calm and compromise to arrive at an amicable resolution.

Attacking the Problem, Understanding the Person

Everyone can let their tempers flare occasionally; property managers must bear the brunt of this anger or frustrated confusion within these communities. Nicholas Lichter of Naples, FL says, however, that CAMs will handle it professionally, focusing on attacking the problem and acting empathically toward the distressed individual.


Any complaint or dispute necessitates negotiating a fair, realistic, win-win solution for all involved. Managers work to avoid providing their own personal opinions. Instead, they focus on inviting both sides of the disagreement to share suggestions.

Beyond that, Nicholas Lichter of Naples, FL says that they acknowledge everyone's valid feelings, points, and concerns, deftly searching for areas of compromise and agreement, while balancing the needs and rights of homeowners, neighbors, and contractors.

Finding Workable Solutions for Cohesive Community Living

Nicholas Lichter of Naples, FL explains that while these situations can often be difficult, community association managers utilize the above-mentioned techniques to guide residents through sticky situations, ensuring residences are always as harmonious as possible.






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