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106 to 111 Rykert Crescent, East York, ON in Leaside: Toronto's Charming Enclave within a Charming Enclave

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Rykert Crescent, East York, ON, Canada, nestled in the heart of East York, stands as a prime testament to the allure of Toronto's esteemed Leaside neighborhood. This street enjoys a coveted position in a community known for its blend of urban sophistication and serene green spaces. Herein, we focus on a cluster of six typical residences on the street: 106 to 111 Rykert Crescent, East York as an example of what gives this community its allure.

Leaside, a community with its own character and history, exudes a timeless charm that resonates with residents and visitors alike. Its treed streets, mature ravine parks, easy access to the bustling Don Valley Parkway and proximity to the core of downtown Toronto paint a picture of an idyllic yet connected enclave. Already well served by the TTC transit system, Leaside looks forward to the opening of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, including the two stations and one stop that will be serving the community. This neighborhood has earned its reputation as one of Toronto's most sought-after residential areas.

In the context of Leaside, Rykert Crescent boasts an enviable location. 58 Rykert is the address to the stone-gated pedestrian entrance to Serena Gundy Park and the walkway down the slope into the Don Valley. A bronze plaque mounted on the stone gates commemorates the generous donation from the Gundy family of the land for the park to the city. Interestingly, the slope down into the park is the remains from the ancient shoreline of Lake Iroquois, which was larger than Lake Ontario and which receded before the Ice Age. Children spend time here looking for rocks with fossils and, in the winter, tobogganing down the slope. Serena Gundy is a sweet park onto itself, with picnic tables, open green spaces, pedestrian bridges over the East Don River, and biking and hiking trails. It is adjacent to or interlinked with a system of parks, which extends in the north to Edwards Gardens, east to Warden Woods and south to Gerrard Street. The trails, sports facilities, lush greenery and natural setting provide an inviting backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts while the dog parks are enjoyed by Leaside's assorted canine residents.

Additionally, residents and neighbors of Rykert Crescent, including those residing at the six featured homes, 106 to 111 Rykert Crescent, East York, ON enjoy convenient access to the vibrant shopping districts along Bayview Avenue, renowned for their eclectic mix of boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. The Leaside Village, in particular, serves as a hub of local commerce, offering residents a diverse range of amenities just a short walk away. With the development of new condos and the construction of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, restaurants are popping up along Eglinton East, Brentcliffe and Laird.

Tucked away northeast of downtown Toronto, resting east of Bayview Avenue and on either side of Eglinton Avenue East, lays lovely Leaside, a beautiful, well-established, increasingly popular, treed, suburban-type neighbourhood within the city. Never having lost its small community roots, this now-upscale area that once was modelled after Rosedale has since quietly developed its own distinctive family/community-focused character.

Those seeking everything from big-box stores to independent boutiques to greenspaces to sports facilities to cozy cafes to swish restaurants to exceptional schools to handy transport links flock to Leaside, discovering how the charming homes, like those at 106 to 111 Rykert Crescent, East York, ON, Canada provide all they've been searching for and more.

106 to 111 Rykert Crescent, East York, ON and the Lea Family: They Who Built It, Named it

Incredibly close familial associations with neighbourhood developments aren't a common occurrence in Toronto, but Leaside shatters this exception with its unbreakable bond between its name and the Lancashire-hailed ménage who initially settled here.

Arriving from England in 1820, John Lea chose a 200-acre, well-drained, and affordable plot to farm Northern Spy apples. As time wore on, William Lea, his eldest son, inherited a piece of the family farm, which he used to open a cannery, grow tomatoes, and build a unique octagonal home. He named the structure "Leaside," unknowingly crafting the namesake of the neighbourhood (Source: Leaside's Proud History, July 1, 2017. Leaside Life).

When 1913 rolled around, the Canadian Northern Railway incorporated the Town of Leaside on the formerly Lea family-owned land. Crafted by the owners of Canadian Northern Railway, William Mackenzie and Donald Mann, the area became Ontario's first development to be planned on paper before erecting any structures.

But despite the seamlessness construction, Mann and Mackenzie's plan to increase Leaside's residential and industrial growth didn't quite hit the spot World War I and the company's bankruptcy rendered the location isolated.

However, the Town of Leaside made exceptional contributions in both World Wars, and the passage of time saw many government operations and private companies set up shop around the area. Its thriving industrial and commercial environments ensured it had one of the lowest residential taxes in the country.

Bolstered by successful outlets like Honeywell, Corning, Canada Varnish, Durant Motors, and the Ontario Hydro Electric Commission, the only way was up from here. And, as those who reside here can attest, it really was the only way.

Leaside's historical roots remain part of its identity. Today, Leaside Memorial Gardens is located on the site of William Lea's original octagonal house. Longo's on Laird, is an excellent example of heritage design integration with a former rail locomotive shop.

Toronto's Pocket of Perfection

Nowadays, this well-established community is alive with quiet luxury for families and professionals alike. Dubbed an "ideal place to raise children" by parents far and wide, the lauded location harmoniously blends function and fashion. Be it urban enterprises, excellent education institutions, or photo-worthy coffee shops, Leaside was created with perfection in mind. As an example of the residential areas, we focus on Rykert Crescent, in particular 106 to 111 Rykert Crescent, East York, ON, Canada.

With a unique air of sophistication, elevated living is at the core of the community, providing a lifestyle enriched by strong neighbourly ties and well managed local sports teams for adults and children, including hockey, soccer and curling. From the northeast's Serena Gundy Park surroundings to Bayview Avenue's antique shops, local pubs, and specialty stores, 106 to 111 Rykert Crescent, East York, ON, Canada and the surrounding area of Leaside represent the ideal neighborhood to make roots and settle down.

Living in Leaside combines practicality with unwavering style, offering abundant greenspaces, parklands with extensive wooded areas, unbridled access to public transit, and very low crime and unemployment rates. Combine that with the lovely traditional detached red-brick façade homes with beautiful hardwood floors, working fireplaces, and private drives, or the stunning new builds, with their clean designs, floor length windows and high ceilings. It's unsurprising why so many feel at home in the unforgettable community. Within north Leaside, Rykert Crescent is a coveted street, with its elegant residences, direct access to the park and low traffic levels which makes the street child-friendly. According to Geoff Ketel in A Self-Guided Walking Tour Pt 2: North Leaside' (Leaside Life June 1, 2020), Curvaceous Rykert Crescent has large ravine lots on the north/east side and (just) large lots on the south/west side. It is a regular sight to see children playing outside at the hockey nets and basketball hoops that line Rykert Crescent. It is not surprising that the there is little turnover in the homes, with many of the houses having only changed hands a few times.

Entertainment and Education Mere Metres from Doorsteps

111 Rykert Crescent East York ON ON

Both children and adults can find a plethora of things to do, see, and learn that go beyond the national curriculum. Whether for entertainment solely or for adding a spritz of education into the mix, families, couples, and those adventuring alone will have no problem discovering brand-new favourite activities Leaside's recreation rating is high for a reason.

For those who'd rather do a bit of Shinrin-yoku, the parklands ravine system will call their names. This includes the lesser-known Crother Woods, a treasure that plays that host to a diverse bird population and offers a natural escape from busy work or school days.

Leaside houses have plenty of recreational opportunities, offering newcomers and well-established locals a chance to work, play, and live in an upscale, bustling location with a boutique feel a combination that would otherwise remain a house hunter's pipe dream. There are parks with playgrounds, a large number of sport parks, nature parks, dog parks, skating rinks, a skate park and a community centre complex in south Leaside with a hockey arena, a swimming pool and a curling rink. Trace Manes Park has tennis courts, a baseball diamond, a playground and wading pool. Skyzone Trampoline provides year around indoor fun, hosting many children's parties. Leaside has its own well-organized hockey, baseball and soccer leagues as well as a figure skating club.

In summary, Rykert Crescent, East York, ON, including 106 to 111 Rykert Crescent, stands as a gem within north Leaside, Ontario, being so close to extensive parkland, amenities, and excellent schools, in a community that blends of tranquility and urban connectivity so well. The enduring appeal of Rykert Crescent is a testament to the enduring allure of Leaside as one of Ontario's most coveted residential areas.






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